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Living That Van Life! Say What?

The rapid growth of the tiny house movement has made minimal space living a phenomenon we’re all fascinated by. Now the notion of living tiny is being brought to an entirely new level with converted vans. These vans are perfect for folks who love the occasional getaway into the wild or even as permanent homes for those brave enough to live full time in very tight quarters–typically starter homes for people wanting small living expenses and flexibility to move around to wherever life calls them.


“Van life” is a movement — and a current social media trend — started by people who want the freedom of living simply, but also the ease to travel as they please by downsizing their lives into converted cargo vans. However, I wouldn’t exactly call this type of living roughing it by any means. It’s “glamping” on steroids. These vehicles feature the modern conveniences of home like refrigerators, gas stovetops, and even toilets paired with inviting decor and very creative uses of space.

It may sound far-fetched for most of us, but for those hoping to live the van life it’s easy to prioritize and select vehicles, custom features and finishes to fit almost every individual budget and lifestyle. According to tiny living experts, van conversion projects can cost anywhere from $16,000 to $65,000 and can take months or even years to complete, depending on how “DIY” you choose to go.

If you’re attracted to this style of home ownership, you’re certainly not alone. There are huge communities on social media platforms like Instagram, where many van lifers have thousands of followers and learn from each other’s experiences. They share pictures, stories and even advice using hashtags like #homeiswhereyouparkit, #exploremore and, #vanlife.

What do you think? Would you live the van life? I’m thinking cross country trip in one of these babies!

1 comment on “Living That Van Life! Say What?

  1. This rig is just too cute, I love it. I bet you have patches on the elbows of your cardigan.


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