Snow Day RVA – Happy Spring?

March 21st and the River City receives 3″ of snow!? I know some may be ready to duke it out with me on this, but I was secretly hoping it would snow. There. I said it. Bare with me for a second on this… stop griping that your kids are home AGAIN, that you are missing work AGAIN or simply that you are sick and tired of snow!  This morning I took time to look out of my window and study the gorgeous Japanese Maple that adorns my front yard. And you know what? It. Was. Exquisite. I saw branches that typically would go unnoticed, buds that are beginning but are not yet big enough to sprout and took in how the snow gently blanketed that tree. I wasn’t just looking at it – I was beholding it. So I challenge you to behold snow, traffic or anything else that is frustrating to you from time to time. Take notice of how it got there and how it benefits you or improves your life.



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