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Kindred Spirit Brewery

Kindred Spirit Brewery in lovely Goochland, VA is amazing. Located in convenient West Creek, it’s just a short 20 minute drive from pretty much anywhere in RVA!

In their own words, Kindred Spirit Brewing is a locally owned Craft brewery located in Goochland County focusing on producing the best craft beer, creating new takes on classic styles and treating their customers to great beer in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. This one classifies as hyper-local as it is owned by brothers Joe and Jason Trottier, who grew up in Chesterfield County and went to Midlothian High School, and their business partner John Barefoot, is also from Midlothian. So basically, they know what the locals want because they are the locals.

Kindred Spirit’s atmosphere is just what you want in a brewery.  Patrons enjoy novelties like a game room, live music, a big screen projector showing whatever sporting event is popular that season, festive decor, board games, friendly service, and really, really good beer! At just over a year old, this brewery is off to a great start.


They have something for every taste ranging from the very hoppy, “Paid in Full” Double IPA and “Lucid” IPA to their mild/sweet “Mochaccino Shake” Coffee Ale and “Strawberry Milkshake” Fruit Beer. A local favorite is their flagship beer, “Headspace IPA”. It’s an eclectic variety and visitors love it and keep coming back for more.

They also host special events. For example, on the fourth Thursday of every month they have what they call “Pints for Pups” where a portion of all drink sales will be donated to Richmond Animal League. Locally owned, fantastic beer, and philanthropic to boot!

12830 West Creek Pkwy, Ste J

Goochland, Virginia


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