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Strangeways Brewery

When there’s something Strange in your neighborhood….you must be at Strangeways Brewery! Strangeways has made the Southern Living “South’s Best Breweries” list two years in a row as well as “Best Taproom in Virginia” by RateBeer.

Located on the Northside, just south of Bryan Park, it boasts two taprooms, the brewery, and a beer garden for when you’re feeling outdoorsy. The taproom itself is weird but surprisingly inviting- and with a name like Strangeways we feel like that is exactly the vibe they were going for! And really, it’s right at home here in RVA with our vibrant art scene and colorful culture.


They have a whopping 36+ beers on tap to choose from, as well as an assortment of flights so that you can sample a few at a time. If you’ve never been to this brew spot we recommend the flight option. A lot of newbies choose based on their crazy names, which is always fun,  and when a breweries motto is Think Strange. Drink Strange., you can only imagine how out of the ordinary their names are! But one of their standard favorites is the “Nucleus Series”, which we highly recommend. If you’re going the single beer route, “Wake me up before you Gose” (pronounced Go-za) is a great choice, as is the “Ape Armageddon Bourbon” stout. And if you’re feeling extra strange, try the “Lucky Charms Marshmallow Berliner Weisse” that is supposedly magically delicious!

And we can’t forget the strangest beer moniker of them all (and most fun to say) “Woodbooger”. Sounds a little gross, but is a delicious dark brown ale with coconut sugar and dark Belgian candi sugar, fermented with Belgian ale yeast and aged with Bourbon vanilla beans. Believe us, it’s worth the inner humiliation of saying the word Woodbooger to taste one.

This brewery is absolutely worth a visit or ten.

Strangeways Brewing:

2277A Dabney Rd

Richmond, VA 23230





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