Sally Bell’s Kitchen

When you see a local restaurant showcased on a popular food network you’ve got to check it out, am I right?

The Cooking Channel’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate featured a clip recently with Richmond getting a shout out from chef Alton Brown for a local bakery/eatery called Sally Bell’s Kitchen. If you’ve not heard of it, well, you’ve been missing out because they’ve been a Richmond staple for 90 years!

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Sally Bell’s Kitchen is a local, family owned eatery off of West Broad Street in downtown Richmond. It’s known by its patrons mainly for two things– they’re fresh made baked goods and their throwback box lunches. This charming concept of the boxed lunch may sound simple, but their version is beautifully scratch made and nostalgic. They make everything that goes into these boxes from scratch each morning, from the rolls for the sandwiches, to the mayonnaise for the potato salad, to the icing on the cupcakes, and it shows. When you’ve been doing something for nine decades, you’re a master.

image383784Each box includes your choice of sandwich, side, and cupcake (which is upside down, by the way, meaning more icing and who doesn’t love that). Every box also includes a deviled egg and cheese wafer. The sandwich choices bring you back to your Grandmother’s kitchen with choices like homemade egg salad, chicken salad, or pimento cheese, among others. The pimento cheese is a local favorite and it is spectacular. There is no fuss about this sandwich, and that’s what’s so perfect about it. The scratch made pimento cheese is amazing and needs no frills! As a side, Richmonders love their potato salad, which Alton also suggested. You can tell from the first bite there is a lot of love put into it. For dessert, a best seller is their Mocha Devil’s Food cupcake. Talk about melt in your mouth and the perfect finale to a fantastic lunch. Other cupcake flavors include Strawberry & Yellow Batter, Crushed Almond Yellow Batter, Lemon Filled, and several more, all scratch made everyday.

Sally’s also offers salads, bagged lunches, pies, tarts, and salads by the pound to take home. It’s the perfect choice lunch during the workday, for meetings, and anytime you need a quick, but satisfying meal on the run. Give them a call or order online at and they’ll have it waiting for you when you get there. Or sit down and stay a while to enjoy the friendly, diner-like atmosphere.

Sally’s clearly caters to the weekday lunch crowd and patrons looking to take home their homemade goodies with hours being from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.

If you haven’t been to Sally Bell’s, put it on your radar and get there as fast as you can because this spot isn’t a stranger to long lines…it’s that good!

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