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The Richmond Mural Project Brings Life to RVA’s Streets One Masterpiece at a Time

While walking or driving the streets of Richmond you’ve no doubt noticed the amazing artwork on display on the sides of many of our buildings and landmarks. Our art community is thriving. Between The Richmond Mural Project and The RVA Street Art Festival, our city is vibrant with color and creativity thanks to the over 100 murals they’ve created and we so proudly wear.

Aniekan- 205 E. Marshall

In 2012, Artist and DC gallery owner, Shane Pomajambo, came to Richmond after a conversation RVA Mag founder, Anthony Harris, to create an Art District within the city. That evolved into a bigger idea called The Richmond Mural Project. Later that year, they made a goal to add more than one hundred murals to RVA’s landscape within five years and to make Richmond a landmark destination for mural work that is recognized around the world. We’d say they’ve more than succeeded and each year, spectacularly talented international and local artists scale the walls of Richmond and literally paint the town. And in turn, the project is increasing tourism and, because they spread their work throughout the city, growing support of local business all over RVA.

photo credit: RVA Street Festival Facebook Page

The RVA Street Art Festival is another annual celebration of all things street art here in Richmond. The festival strives to transform and bring life back to neglected areas of the city with murals and paintings by local, national and global artists. In 2017, the festival partnered with our local baseball team, The Flying Squirrels, to liven up the stadium with some artistic flair. Not only does the festival give attendees the chance to see beautiful works of street art, it’s a great party with food trucks, music, and a market to enjoy while you take in the views and support a wonderful cause.

The art scene is alive and well here in RVA and people now come from around the country to appreciate the “living canvas” that is Richmond.

Whether you’re local or visiting, be sure to keep your eyes open to marvel at these stunning pieces so generously bestowed upon our city.

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