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Rocketts Landing: A Riverside Getaway Minutes from Downtown Amenities

Rocketts Landing, a neighborhood located on the river near downtown Richmond, is known for its fantastic outdoor amenities, stunning views, great restaurants, and easy access to all the city has to offer. It’s also steeped in history.

rocketts-history-p1That history goes all the way back to Captain Christopher Newport’s exploration of the James River when the Godspeed first landed here in 1607. But it wasn’t until 1730, when Robert Rocketts began operating a ferry service transporting goods that the site grew into a lively riverfront town of its own. Once upon a time it was actually considered the busiest inland port in America.

During the Civil War, Rocketts Landing’s riverfront location became vital to defending Richmond from naval attack. However, in 1865, the Navy Yard and its ships were gone due to the infamous fire that destroyed the Confederate Capital.

By the 1920s, most of Rocketts Landing’s traffic was taken by the railroads and interstates. That’s when it transitioned into an industrial district until it was demolished by bulldozers in the 70s. In 2007, Rocketts Landing became home to new residents and businesses and became a whole new world of activity.

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A few of Richmond’s best restaurants can be found here. The Boathouse and Conch Republic neighbor one another right on the river and offer delicious food and scenery that you just can’t get anywhere else. The Boathouse offers panoramic views from pretty much anywhere in its industrial style building–we recommend a balcony table if the weather is right–and they specialize in award-winning seafood dishes and a seemingly never-ending cocktail, beer, and wine list. Their Roasted Oyster Flight is a must!

Conch Republic is a more casual atmosphere and has a huge riverfront deck filled with seating in which to enjoy the riverfront. Their menu also specializes in seafood dishes, but with a more laid-back, island flair.

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view from Rocketts Landing restaurants

Rounding out the food and drink offerings in Rocketts Landing is Urban Farmhouse. This spot is part cafe, part coffee and wine bar, part farmhouse market, and all perfection. Their focus is on healthy, local products, which we love. The menu is massive with all sorts of iced and hot coffees, smoothies, tea, breakfast and brunch fare, sandwiches and salads, plus wine and food pairings in the evenings. It’s a daily go-to for residents and a nice treat for visitors.

If you fall in love with the area, you can even live, work, and play here. They have buying and leasing options, as well as leasing for office spaces and a marina for your boat.

At Rocketts Landing you can walk or bike along the river on the newly-completed Capital Trail, play volleyball riverside, sit and watch the boats rolls by, and have a fantastic meal with views of the river and city skyline. And thanks to the newly completed GRTC Pulse routes, Richmond’s bus rapid transit system, you can enjoy all that RVA has to offer from Rocketts Landing without getting behind the wheel.

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