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Raise Your Glass to Virginia Wine Month

October is Virginia Wine Month, and this year our great state is celebrating its 30th year of this tradition.

image1 (14)Virginia Wine Month is the oldest wine month in the country which reflects the state’s deep rooted history in wine, dating back to 1609 when settlers in Jamestown were required to plant 10 vines per household. During the next decade, Thomas Jefferson devoted 2,000 acres of land to start a vineyard and winery near his estate at Monticello with the support of the Virginia Wine Company. In the centuries that followed, Virginia wine pioneers continued to improve upon what those early experimenters started. Today, Virginia is the sixth-largest wine region in the United States, with about 300 wineries and seven American Viticultural Areas.

Governor Northam said it well when he said, “A glass of wine is so much more than a beverage—the character of a wine reflects both the place where it was grown and the people who make it. Virginia’s unique landscape, along with the passion of its winemakers, have helped establish the Commonwealth as a wine destination unlike any other. Virginia Wine Month is the perfect time to get a taste of everything that Virginia wine has to offer and celebrate of the progress of this rich industry.”

Breaux Vineyards

For wine lovers, there’s no better time of year than October to visit Virginia wine country, when the fall foliage begins to show its colors and Virginia Wine Month brings various festivals and special events at wineries, restaurants, shops and more to enjoy. This year began a new tradition with the launch of the “Harvest Party.” This is a month long-celebration where people all around the Commonwealth come together to toast the richness of the region. Wineries, restaurants and Virginians will host Harvest Parties where guests can enjoy Virginia-grown food and wine to commemorate the 2018 harvest.

One of the best elements of Virginia wine is the variety we offer. There are wines that are found here that aren’t in many other parts of the world, such as Viognier, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

For a list of Virginia Wine Month events, visit www.virginiawine.org/virginia-wine-month. And to find out more information on wine travel in Virginia visit www.Virginiawine.org/ or download the Virginia Wine App.


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