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Our RVA Food Truck Picks

Food trucks are one of our favorite ways to eat. What else pairs mobility, quick service, local ingredients, and freshness all in one? They’re a huge food trend right now and with so many choices in RVA, it’s pretty much impossible not to find whatever you’re craving any day of the week. Plus, when you choose a local food truck you’re giving back to our community and our neighbors. That’s a win-win, folks.

We haven’t had a chance to try them all, but these are our current favorites.

Boka Truck

Tacos…or we should say, takos. Need we say more?! Boka is one of Richmond’s original gourmet food trucks, beginning our love for this trend and heightening our love of tacos. Their fusion flavors are nothing short of brilliant with options like Bulgogi Beef with asian flair or Sambal Pork braised with Mountain Dew. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu in any combination, but we’d suggest The Gauntlet if you’re a first-timer so that you get a taste of it all. Their Rare Seared Tuna tacos are a personal favorite! You can find them all over RVA from festivals to farmers markets to craft breweries and more. Check our their schedule at


Again with the tacos – you know we can’t help it! But instead of the traditional taco, their specialty is the quesadilla. This truck is the mobile version of the popular BoDillaz and they are rockin’ it!! The Bo sauce is legendary and should be slathered on everything, but we’ll take it in a Buffalicious quesadilla any day of the week. If you see them around town, stop whatever you’re doing and run to that truck for a bite.

Slideways Mobile Bistro

This truck has all sorts of fun options dedicated to the art of sliders…yum!! They offer more than just what you can get on a regular menu that doesn’t specialize in such things and you can mix it all up to try different options. They offer beef, chicken, and vegetarian options, folks, so there’s something for everyone. Click the link above to see their menu and where you can find them next!

River City Wood Fire Pizza

What more wonderfully portable food is there than pizza?! And the fact that these folks can pull off wood fired on wheels, ‘nuff said!! As you’d expect from an amazing food truck, they’re options are so unique & tasty, we’ve never had a bad bite!! And what makes it even better is that most of their pies pay homage to RVA with names like the Scott’s Addition, Church Hill, and 64 West. We love the RVA references as well as how deliciously inventive the ingredients are. Oh, and try their Bacon Wrapped Dates…they are heaven!

Return of the Mac

Mac n’ cheese has gone to next level amazing-ness with this RVA favorite. They’ve made a childhood favorite into a gourmet meal with options like Thai Shrimp and Bacon Mac and Bourbon Maple Ham…come on! The beauty is the customization you’ve got with this truck. Pick your favorite noodle and your cheese of choice and keep it simple or dress it up with a protein and veggies or whatever combination of those that float your boat. They also have delicious sides and mac and cheese balls that will rock your world. A must try!

King of Pops

This next one isn’t actually a truck, it’s a cart, but we have to give them a shout because they’re that great and who doesn’t love a homemade popsicle?! King of Pops is a staple and if you haven’t had one, we love you, but you’ve clearly been living under a rock. What we love is that they offer so many flavors and all of the ingredients are sourced locally from farms, farmers markets, coffee roasters, bakeries, etc. It’s still 90 degrees out in RVA, so you need this now! Find out where they are at the link above.

Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen

Homemade sourdough donuts…Do you really need anymore explanation than that? It’s hard to find this truck without a line at least 20+ deep and believe us, these babies are so worth the wait–and the extra time at the gym. No frills, just freshly made doughy deliciousness. Dare we say the best donut you will ever eat in your life. And…wait for it…there’s now a chocolate dipped version. We’ll leave it at that…because you’re already salivating.

You can follow individual trucks on social media for information on where they’ll be on any given day. The Richmond Food Truck Association also puts on the Richmond Food Truck Court every Thursday at Hardywood Park where 5 or more trucks are available with outdoor seating offering patrons a well-rounded food truck experience. Most of the trucks we’ve mentioned can be found there often.

As you can tell, Richmond’s food truck scene is going strong and there are many, many more amazing trucks we haven’t even tried. What are your favorites? We’re always taking recommendations.

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