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RVA’s Best Ice Cream–In Our Opinion

The weather is warming up and even though ice cream is a year-round favorite of ours, this is the time of year when we just have to have it. If you ask us it’s completely okay to enjoy as much ice cream as possible when temperatures reach the 70’s and above. Luckily, Richmond has several local spots that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and each has something unique to offer. So we say go ahead and make plans to visit them all!

In no way will we try to name Richmond’s best ice cream shops, because that’s not for us to decide. Ice cream is very personal and we all have our favorite way to eat it, whether it be filled with mix-ins, rolled, homemade, dipped, topped, etc. So, we will just share some local favorites.

Bev’s Homemade


Bev’s will bring you back to your childhood in your grandma’s kitchen with that crank style ice cream maker with it’s homemade goodness. This ice cream spot has been a Richmond staple for over 15 years, thanks to Bev Mazursky. Located in Carytown, they serve some of the absolute best ice cream in the world…seriously. Bev’s has 12 everyday flavors to choose from, like Espresso Oreo (a local favorite), Raspberry Chip, and the norms, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. They also offer special flavors on a rotating basis like Chocolate Mousse, Arnold Palmer Sorbet, and Lemon Yogurt. Bev’s also has at least one sorbet, one sherbet, and a sugar-free option ready to enjoy everyday for those who want them. Our recommendation: always get the hot fudge…it’s out of this world! Bev’s is open Sunday-Thursday noon-10pm and Friday & Saturday noon-11pm.

Gelati Celesti

photo credit: Richmond Times-Dispath

“Heavenly Handmade” is such a true statement when it comes to Gelati Celesti. The Edmonds family opened this local Richmond spot as a family business in 1984, and has grown to include three scoop shops (West End, Short Pump, and Bon Air) and a scoop truck for festivals and events. Their ice cream is made with special Italian equipment that ensures that thick, creamy consistency that is unmistakably theirs. Gelati Celesti has about 85 total flavor offerings, including flavors on rotation throughout the year and their house favorites that are always available. And from experience, each one is just as delicious as the others. We haven’t tried all 85, but we guarantee they are each amazing! Some rotational favorites include Rainbow Cookie, Green Apple Ice, Brandied Peach, and Peanut Butter Brownie to name a few. They even offer seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Gingersnap, Cinnamon and Eggnog in the fall and winter months. House favorites include flavors like Banana, Chocolate Almond, Cake Batter, and Just Ask which is one of their most popular. Click the link above for more flavor choices, hours of operation, etc.

Deluca Gelato


Deluca is a family-owned shop located in Gayton Crossing in the West End off of Gaskins Road. They specialize in true, Italian gelato, and they have mastered it. From start to finish (including pasteurizing their own gelato mix), everything is made in-house. They have more than 80 flavors on rotation throughout the year, offering 36 options each time you visit. What’s so great about Deluca is that they also have sugar-free, dairy-free (sorbetto), nut-free, and gluten-free options for those with food sensitivities. We recommend the Banana Nutella gelato, it’s phenomenal! Other flavor favorites include Cannolo (Cannoli), Limoncello (Lemon Liquer), and Tiramisu. They also have some interesting flavors like Guinness and Olive Oil and Sea Salt that are available for those times you’re feeling adventurous. They, too, offer seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pie and Eggnog. Check out their website for daily flavor offerings as well as a full list of flavors. If you e-mail them about a particular flavor you’d like to have, they will even let you know when it’s available so you don’t miss out.


download-1Sister sweet shop to Whisk Bakery, Scoop offers small batch ice cream with flavors you won’t get anywhere else (both signature and seasonal) and an ice cream experience that’ll keep you coming back for more. We’re obsessed with their macaron ice cream sandwich, made with fresh macarons from Whisk, that are gluten-free by the way. We highly recommend filling it with their Croissants & Jam ice cream, it’ll ruin traditional ice cream flavors for you forever, and is totally worth it. We also love their Flight option where you can get a scoop of three of their flavors (the best option if you have a hard time with decisions) along with Whisk’s cookie wedges. They also offer cones, cups, toppings and sauces, as well as cookie ice cream sandwiches and sundaes with different bakery treat options. Head to their website, linked above, for current flavor options and more information on this Strawberry Street gem.

NarWhals Rolled Ice Cream


RVA’s newest ice cream craze is being served rolled up like a pretty gift of icy goodness. It’s almost too pretty to eat, but who are we kidding, it’s ice cream! Dig in!! NarWhals is Richmond’s first hand crafted rolled ice cream parlor and if you’re looking for something a little different for your ice cream experience, this is the place. With locations in both Carytown and a new spot in Stony Point, patrons from all over the city can give it them a try without traveling too far. Just watching them prepare your treat is worth the visit and the taste is delicious.

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