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Eco-Friendly Businesses in RVA

Because it’s Earth Day, and because it’s important, we wanted to share with you our favorite businesses and attractions in Richmond that take the extra steps to care for Mother Earth, as well as teach others to do the same. We love seeing local influencers take an interest in the environment, and who wouldn’t want to support that, am I right?!

Maymont and Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens: It makes total sense, right, that both of these parks/gardens would be environmentally-friendly. They rely on the environment to keep their grounds beautiful and the animals at Maymont safe, so naturally being green is important to them. Both of these attractions are “Virginia Green Certified”. This is a program partnered with Virginia Tourism, The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Restaurant Lodging and Travel Association in which they are committed to recycling and waste reduction, energy and water conservation, and sustainable purchasing.

Perception Organic Spa: This Carytown Spa offers services with only natural, organic products free of parabens, fragrances, and dyes. They also offer natural nail care with a vegan treatment line of products. And you can be sure that all of their packaging, bags, and paper products are all made with recycled materials.

Red Salon Organics: In the heart of The Fan is this environmentally-friendly beauty salon. They use organic products only and are dedicated to conservation, as well as giving their clients the best. You can be sure there are no toxic chemicals here as they did a lot of research to find product lines that are good for you and the environment.

The Jefferson and Hilton Downtown: These downtown hotels have made a conscious effort to reduce waste with optional linen services, instead of automatically changing sheets and towels everyday, water and energy conservation, recycling, and hosting green events and meetings within their facilities.

The Daily Kitchen & Bar: You can find this delicious and earth-conscious restaurant in Carytown and ShortPump, where you’ll get a meal that is not only tasty but also health conscious and environmentally friendly. The Daily uses organic, all-natural, local and sustainable ingredients as much as possible and has options for any dietary restrictions whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or paleo. I’ll tell you, I’m none of those things and would eat here everyday and never get bored. And if you like to know exactly where your food comes from, just click their link and you’ll see exactly where they source all of their ingredients.

Strangeways, Hardywood and Lickinghole Creek Breweries: Each of these local craft breweries commit themselves to sourcing organic and local ingredients whenever possible. They also donate their spent grains to local farmers so they can be used again. Hardywood is known for using wind power in their brewing which is 100% sustainable energy and they use recycled materials for packaging.

IronClad Coffee Roasters: This RVA coffee company is the when it comes to protecting our environment and letting it be known. They are constantly advertising their love for sustainability and all of the things they do to do their part. All of their packaging is either recyclable or compostable, which is incredible. This includes hot and cold cups, straws, cutlery, ramekins, etc. etc. etc. They also have recycling and compost bins in their café and hire a company to come out every week to compost what’s in the compost bin and their used grounds. All of their equipment is energy-efficient also! Way to go, IronClad!!

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