In honor of Taco Tuesday today we’re talking about a little piece of taco goodness here in RVA. En Su Boca is one of our go-to casual spots for all the Tex-Mex, and it’s the local ingredients, fun atmosphere, and great staff that keep us going back.

Located in the heart of Boulevard sits this corner spot that’s like a little cantina in the city. They’re known for their tequila, local craft beer selections, and you guessed it…tacos! It’s considered one of Richmond’s favorite nighttime eateries for it’s spirited and lively atmosphere, 2 am closing time, and past life as original home to Triangle Adult Bookstore…wink wink. However, for us, it’s their patio on a warm day here in Richmond that’s a winner. In fact, we’ve taken to sitting for a couple of hours and leisurely ordering dish upon dish while sipping Coronas and taking in the beauty of downtown a time or two.

image1 (8)Tacos and drinks may be the draw initially to En Su Boca, but their menu is much more than that. They offer so many fresh options for the Tex-Mex lover. In fact, on our last visit, a few of us moved away from the taco train and ordered one of their Fork Y Knife Burritos (which is their version of a burrito bowl) and it definitely didn’t disappoint. This is a great choice for the carb-conscious, FYI, because it can be served over rice or salad. And that’s part of the beauty of En Su Boca, the customization. For example, all of their tacos, burrito bowls, and quesadillas have a whopping 11 varieties to choose from. One of our choices was the Slow Roasted Carnitas and WOW the pork was tender and tasted fresh and delicious. Other options include the Southern Fried Fish made with pacific cod, chipotle crema and cabbage slaw, Housemade Chorizo for the spicy lover, and Rajas with fire roasted veggies for the vegetarian in the group, to name a few. If you want to try more than one, we suggest going for the tacos. You can grab 10 tacos for $25 for your group and have a taste of almost all of the styles.


They also have a great kids’ menu for the littles and an appetizer list that is fantastic too. We started our meal with an order of their Nachos Totopos and needless to say, the plate was completely empty before our main meals were delivered.

We also have to mention that the staff is always friendly and welcoming here and the service is speedy. It took no time to get our food once the orders were placed and the beers kept coming before we could ask for another.

So, whether you’re looking for a mid-week lunch spot or a Friday night hang out with friends, En Su Boca is one to put on your list. In fact, today’s the perfect day to give it a try…and be sure to ask for patio seating!

For a full menu and more details on this Richmond eatery, go to

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